About us

Chateau Guillaumme Comfort Zone is not just a guest house, it's our life. Your holiday here will be very different to an impersonal hotel stay. If you like, it will be your new home in the Caribbean. Come and explore our beautiful country, meet our people and make real friends.

Chateau Guillaumme is ideally situated at the foothills of the Northern Range in Arima. The friendly town of Arima is rich in Amerindian history. We are just minutes away from the Carib Centre, where the Carib community keep their culture alive and where the Carib Queen resides.

Although we stand majestically in the heart of Arima, we are far away from the hustle and bustle. Transportation Facilities are  within walking distance to take you to any part of scenic Trinidad - Maxi taxis Buses, Luxury air conditioned buses and Taxis. A bustrip to Port of Spain will cost you less than one US$.

Chateau Guillaumme offers spacious rooms with private hot and cold bath. A maid service is also available. Please feel free to sit down in our garden and excite your appetite with fresh coconuts, pommegranate, and guava-cherry.

Tours sightseeing  and shopping outings can be arranged on request. All ground transfers and Airline information will be made available.

Whether it be leisurely Caribbean get away or a fleeting business trip Chateau Guillaumme offers ideal accomodations and we are always available to assist you. 

Come and experience true Trini hospitality. Our business is service. You  may arrive as strangers, reside as friends, but we know you will leave and return as part of our family.

The pleasure will be ours to share our home with you. 


Mathew and Joan 








Would you like to learn about the beginnings of Chateau Guillaumme? Here is the story:


Once upon a time, in the picturesque town of Arima, there stood the magnificent Chateau Guillaumme. Within its grand walls resided a beautiful Indian princess named Joan. Known for her grace and charm, Princess Joan was adored by all who knew her.

One day,
Princess Joan explored the magnificent gardens surrounding Chateau Guillaumme. She delighted in plucking a luscious pomegranate from a tree, relishing its sweet and tangy juice. But as she enjoyed the garden's bounty, her golden ball slipped from her grasp and fell into a serene pond. 

To her surprise, a small frog emerged from the water with a gentle croak. The frog had been watching over the pond. Seeing Princess Joan's distress, the frog kindly offered his assistance.

With a grateful smile, Princess Joan accepted the frog's help. The determined frog leaped into the pond and swiftly retrieved the golden ball. He delicately placed it at Princess Joan's feet, his eyes gleaming with satisfaction.

Overwhelmed with gratitude, Princess Joan exclaimed, "Dear frog, how can I ever repay you for your kindness?"

The frog replied, "Princess Joan, all I ask is to be your loyal friend and companion. Allow me to accompany you, share your joys and sorrows, and find solace in your presence."

Touched by the frog's sincere request, Princess Joan agreed without hesitation. From that moment on, the frog became her faithful companion, hopping alongside her wherever she went.

As days turned into weeks, Princess Joan and the frog formed an unlikely bond. They shared meals, exchanged stories, and found comfort in each other's company. Despite the frog's humble appearance, his loyalty and companionship brought Princess Joan great joy.

One starry night, as Princess Joan prepared to retire in her chambers, the frog hopped onto her pillow and gazed at her with longing in his eyes. He softly whispered, "Princess Joan, may I rest upon your pillow this night?"

Princess Joan, recognizing the depth of their connection, smiled warmly and replied, "Dear frog, you have been my steadfast companion. You are welcome to find rest and comfort upon my pillow."

Then the frog said, "Princess Joan, all I ask is a tender kiss."

Startled by the request, Princess Joan hesitated. Kissing a frog seemed unusual, but she recognized the frog's sincere heart and the magical bond they had formed. Overcoming her doubts, she leaned down and gently kissed the frog on the mouth.

In an instant, a magical transformation occurred. The small frog underwent a breathtaking metamorphosis, revealing his true form as a handsome African prince. The enchantment that had bound him was broken, and he stood before Princess Joan, radiating joy and gratitude, telling her that his name is Mathew and that he is the prince of parang.

Princess Joan and Prince Mathew looked into each other's eyes, and an unspoken connection formed. They both felt the stirrings of a profound love that had blossomed through kindness and acceptance.

With the blessings of their families and the townspeople of Arima, Princess Joan and Prince Mathew wed in a magnificent ceremony held at Chateau Guillaumme. Their union symbolized the power of love and the transformative nature of genuine connections that transcend cultural boundaries.

Together, Princess Joan and Prince Mathew ruled with compassion and fairness, their love shining as an example to all. The tale of their extraordinary love, the Indian princess and the African prince, became a cherished legend, inspiring generations to believe in the magic of love and the potential for transformation in the most unexpected places.

And so, the tale of Princess Joan and Prince Mathew lives on, a story of unlikely friendships, magical kisses, and the everlasting power of love within the enchanting walls of Chateau Guillaumme in the town of Arima.



Here is a parang song written for the prince of parang.